Video games

So, I very like to play video games! 
My first gaming platform was videogame Console called Dendy
here it is:

And here is the logo:

What is this? Well, this is russian market replica of famous gaming system NES, same hardware inside, prise of 100$, ability to play pirate games, and this was in russian stores as official gaming system, because Nintendo didn't care  about russian videogames market (and they still don't care about us, for example price of one Wii in russia is 400$).
Here is some games for it:
  Looks like Japanese NES cartridges right? But all this are pirated NES games!
  In Russia we did not even have stores that sell games in those years, all systems and games where sale at markets like this

only instead of fruit they sell cartridges and consoles.

Also there was little shops with games and movies, many of them still exist today.
And you can still buy games for Dendy and Dedny itself there!
I can ashore you that there is no GTAIV in that cartridge, maybe some clone of Contra or Lifeforce. But people in russia still buys those. Even in 2011.


  1. Haha, that is pretty cool. I really like this idea, since i find other cultures very interesting.

  2. that is so cool... im so nostalgic for my old nintendo now lol..

  3. oh my! i've seen bootlegs in china (mostly action figures that were never sold being resold), but this is very interesting.