First post

So here it is, my first post let's get some things straight:
  • sorry for my bad English, I'm only studying it right now, so i think for you some of my posts will be weird, if you notice mistypes you can always correct me, I will be very thankful for that.
  • I don't have a job yet, it's very difficult in Russia to get a job for a person who study in college, the best you can get - 50 dollars per month job that take all your free time, for me thats unacceptable
  • So, previous line tells that I don't have a job, that means i have a lot of free time, witch i spend playing games, reading books and watching movies, so i could write about my favorite games, books and movie in my blog.
 So as you see, I want to tell you about my country and my life, let's start right now!

This is city where i live, it's called Yekaterinburg, also known as Sverdlovsk
 It is one of the biggest in Russia, population is more then one million people 

 this is all for now, because i need to continue getting used to this Blogger interface, you can ask anything about me or my country, i will answer, but please put you questions in easy form because as i said earlier - my English is very bad, i'm only studying it right now. I will be thankful for correcting me in mistypes, thank you.
Oh, and by the way, my name is Maxim, and you can call me Max, all my friends call me like that.

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