New day. Smoke.

Hello my friends! When i woke up i actually didn't know what i'm going to write about for you today, but then i go outside for breath of fresh air and it become clearly or what to write about, because there was no fresh air, there was smoke. cigarette smoke.

There is too many smokers in russia, i bet more than in any country. Women smoke, young girls smoke because its cool, men smoke, pregnant women smoke kids smoke. When i was at school, 80% of my class where smokers many of them have grey teeth already in age of 15. And teachers never do anything about them, because 40% of teachers where smokers too.

You see, you just can't go outside in russia in city like mine and breath some fresh air, is most likely will be cigarette smoke.


  1. smoking is so 1980. get an electric cigarette if you really need to smoke!

  2. Smoking is bad my man! Nice blog though!

  3. I hate smoking. And i from Russia too.

  4. I'm sad to hear about that. Luckily, there aren't that many smokers here in Sweden.